Monday, January 30, 2012

New items in the shop, and this thing called "Pinterest"...

Holy crow, Pinterest...Seriously...
For the uninitiated, Pinterest is a virtual "pin board" where you can pin images from the web that you want to remember. I usually save things like craft ideas and recipe ideas in my favorites list, but it's getting unmanagble, and I really have no idea what half the sites refer to. Enter Pinterst. Now I just "pin" an image to my board, and I have a visual reminder and a link to the site to go back to.
So, tonight I made a "Etsy Shop" board, and pinned my personal shop items...which were then almost instantly "repinned" by several strangers and the traffic on my etsy shop increased! People like my items enough to want to remember them/be inspired by them, so maybe I'll get some more sales. One can hope!
Speaking of new items...I have 7 pairs of baby shoes done and in the shop, with 20 more cut and ready to sew. I had SCADS of leftover fabric chunks that weren't large enough for clothes projects, but I just couldn't bring myself to throw them away. I found a number of "scrap fabric" brojects, and so far these cute little shoes are one of my favorite!
I've always loved little Maryjanes on little girls, but the "Kimono" style that I also made with the ribbon ankle ties are to die for they are so cute! I want Delilah to stay little as long as possible...but I also can't wait for her to fit into these cuties!

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